mardi 29 mars 2011

Première chronique sur un blog Brésilien...

Encounters occur via network almost daily thanks to TBTCI and the bands that pass through here beautifull and other obscurities that I hardly had access quickly end up in lightning speed, in the case of Teenage Sin Taste, a French one man project, in If case Wil Garcia who is also guitarist of cult band called Curl training with former members of classic Cranes, already topping the TST with an extensive discography and an impressive resume. Here is the turn of the brand new EP Love Kills Slowly, electro dark shoegazer in heavy rotation, the similarity to the favorites SVI is automatic, but it is clear, Jake & Kim somehow appear in TST see remixes and stuff, going back to the EP chaotic opening with Adrenalin makes clear beats, loops, a dark electro shoegazer to break the back, with the sequel Some Girls Are Darker Than Others by title refers directly to Morrissey & Marr in Some Girls are Bigger than Others but the coincidence stop here , the weather gets even more tense, something like the Sisters of Mercy remixes SVI or NIN recorded with the Alcian Blue, it's time to give Love Kills Slowly dark and the weather is at once a sound of electro noise shoegazer post punk frighteningly perfect and brutal, not just out there still have dementia and the Pleasures of Japanese own remix of the SVI to Love Kills Slowly but another remix of Stolearm to 12 Stories. Love Kills Slowly accredits the TST to follow in the footsteps of SVI own and other great Cum electro dark gazer Bloody Knives. Recommended.

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